Our Story

Bridging the gap between classic influences and modern forms, globally evolved designer Adarsh Gill blends world influences into one fashion statement. In her hands lifestyle finds a new meaning. Like past influences finding a new vocabulary and costuming blending into the informality of today.

Debuting in New York in the mid 70s, her label SAZ lived and sold out of Manhattan’s trophy stores like Neiman Marcus and Macy’s. Adarsh Gill traveled to Paris in the mid eighties. In the fashion Mecca of the world – Paris, she found a new design space for her designs.
Able to blend the European color palette and design sensibilities with the rich treasure trove of Indian handcrafting techniques, she slowly became the chosen beader for every fabled couture house worldwide.

A need, an urge to return to her roots brought her back to her palatial like home in Lutyens, Delhi. She continued to complete her couture commissions for Parisien design houses but alongside started her own label: Adarsh Gill. Flagging off the first signature store in Mumbai, she dressed the Indian crème de la crème. Stars, industrialists, royalty, senior politicians are her regulars and her label has successfully been at the helm of the nation’s haute couture scenario ever since.

A master of both, the structured and tailored silhouettes of the West and the great Indian drape form of the East, her fashion sense is a fusion of oriental forms and western elements. A creator of veritable heirlooms, Adarsh Gill recreates the life lived by the Indian Maharajas of yore.
Her colors, textiles, embroideries and embellishments exude an understated elegance that allows the wearer to subtly shine through. From rich Velvets to the finest Lamés, French Chiffon to Lace, statuesque silhouettes meet sensual forms and whisper like drapes complete the picture perfectly.

Welcome to the world of Adarsh Gill.